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The true story of one man's online search for love that

 only the Devil himself could have had a hand in...


7 DEADLY DATES- JP Noel-Cephise

 A true story of one man’s online search for love that only the Devil himself could have had a hand in…

JP is the UK’s answer to Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw…if Carrie Bradshaw was a bloke and lived in Croydon.

Ready to find love again following a divorce, like thousands of other singles, he decided to give online dating a try. But rather than finding his Happy Ever After, the move led to a series of disastrous encounters, during which each of his promising matches committed one of the 7 Deadly Dating Sins: Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride and Envy.

JP’s rollercoaster search for romance took him to the heart of Istanbul’s criminal underbelly…and Bromley South station car park. At times he found himself giving in to his dates’ feminine wiles, at other times he feared for his own safety. 

A novel packed with dating advice to help other hopeful singles avoid their own Deadly Dates, this book will strike a chord with anyone who has dipped a toe into the online dating pool. 

As JP learned the hard way, the profile you fall for on screen is rarely anything like the person you meet in reality. 

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About the Author


 London based, Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, international business lecturer and former accountant, turned his talents to several professions before flourishing as a writer.


  He was born in Andover, Hampshire where he went to school. He did a degree in Finance in London and then his ACCA professional qualifications. He worked as a legal executive in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, has been a model and an actor, as well as working as a deep tissue massage therapist for a charity based in central London.As his marriage hit the rocks, the father of two boys, developed an interest in relationship psychology, which he began to study. 


 Although he has written articles for various publications over the years, his first published book captures the dangerous, the amusing and at times totally bizarre encounters when dating online. For a taste of what's in store and to order 7 Deadly Dates visit  Amazon.com 

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